Board & Committees

The Fair Association is governed by a volunteer board of directors who donate in excess of 15,000 hours a year to the organization. Board members come from the community, and remain part of the community. Many directors “grew up” with the Fair, showing livestock and enjoying the events. It is not uncommon for families to have three generations of directors, and there are even some fourth generation directors! Serving as a Gillespie County Fair & Festival Director is more than a duty–it is an honor!

2018 GCFFA Board of Directors

Front Row Officers (left to right): Henry Sagebiel – 2nd Vice President; Greg Mohr – 2017 President; Brad Roeder – President; Eric Whiting – Treasurer; Dennis Loth – Parliamentarian; Larry Burrow – 1st Vice President; Edward Stroeher – Asst. Secretary (Not Pictured: Kendnel Kasper – Asst. Treasurer)
Second Row: Brian Roeder, Heath Jenschke, Dondie Gage, Mark Raab, Scott Staudt, Lee DeLong
Third Row: Carter Sauer, Nathan Walter, Tim Weinheimer, Chad Ellebracht, Chad Druen-Miller
Fourth Row: Robert Bohnert, Jason Priess, Marvin Crenwelge, Matt Self, Scott Crenwelge, Cody Beyer – Secretary
(Not Pictured: Dustin Althaus, Mark Bell, Wayne Brydson, Carey Durst, Garrett Durst, Chad Eckhardt, Nick Haun, Adam Jung, Freddy Jung, Will Meurer, Eric Scott, Kyle Staudt, Steve Wetz)

2018 Officers

Seated: Eric Whiting – Treasurer, Brad Roeder – President, Kendel Kasper – Asst. Treasurer, Cody Beyer – Secretary
Standing: Dennis Loth – Parliamentarian, Edward Stroeher – Asst. Secretary, Greg Mohr – 2017 President, Larry Borrow – 1st Vice President
(Not Pictured: Henry Sagebiel – 2nd Vice President)

2018 GCFFA Ladies Auxiliary

First Row: April Walter, Joyce Burrow, Tiffany Roeder, Madonna Beyer
Second Row: Jenny Staudt, Sherrie DeLong, Pam Gage, Lauren Sagebiel
Third Row: Lindsay Crenwelge, Dawn Sultemeier, Christie Mohr, Stacy Jenschke, Jennifer Ellebracht