Legend of the Easter Fires
Gates open at 5:00pm   |   Saturday March 31
Pageant begins approximately at 8:00pm

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The legend of the Easter Fires centers around a pioneer mother in Fredericksburg as she tries to calm her frightened children who were wondering about the huge fires blazing on the hills.

This was at the time when the colonists and their leader, John O. Meusebach, had gone to the San Saba River to meet the Indian chiefs to make a peace treaty, which to this day has not been broken.

In the meantime, other Indians kept watch on the hills surrounding Fredericksburg and they transmitted their messages by smoke signals. When word reached them of the honesty and sincerity of the colonists, they burned their fires high as a sign to the Indians that all was well.

The pioneer mother told her children that the Easter rabbit was placing eggs into huge kettles that were boiling over the fires. She explained that the rabbit was coloring them with wildflowers and that if they would go to sleep, they would find the eggs in their “nests” at the cabin door on Easter morning.

Scenes from the pageant include live bunnies hatching from a big red Easter egg; finding carrots in the flowers and bunnies dancing the “Herr Schmidt” to their own Bunny Brass Band; a working Indian village concerned over the lack of rain; the Indian Braves dancing around the fires, and little girl Bluebonnets dancing with other little girl wildflowers.
Also, pioneers on their way to find a location for the city of Fredericksburg, bringing their only belongings on wagon, horses and carts; building a church and log cabin; meeting the Indians; the mother telling the Easter Fires story, and the minister ringing the original chapel bell.

Want to Participate?

Bunnies come in all shapes, sizes and ages, and the Gillespie County Fair and Festivals Association is seeking volunteers to fill the colorful suits for the Easter Fires of Fredericksburg Pageant on Saturday, March 31, 2018.

Anyone wanting to participate in the pageant as a bunny can contact the Association via email at fbgeasterfires@gmail.com.
Chairman of the Easter Fires this year are Chad and Megan Schmidt Druen-Miller

For more information, contact the Gillespie County Fair and Festivals Association at 830-997-2359